Home Health Care

Springhill Home Health & Hospice is an established, full-service Alabama home health and hospice agency that provides a superior quality of services in a caring manner.

What is home health?

At Springhill, we understand that each patient has unique needs. We also understand there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to healthcare. Home Health is a great option for those who need extra assistance, but do not need to be in a hospital or other care facility. Our services can help patients avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, speed up recovery time, and allow them to stay in their own homes where they can feel safe and secure.

Home Health consists of skilled healthcare services provided in the home to treat homebound patients who are suffering from an illness or injury. A physician can prescribe home health care if a patient has a short-term need for skilled nursing care or therapy. Interventions are either curative in nature or deal with preventing exacerbations of chronic disease.

The majority of home health care focuses on:

  • helping patients recover from an illness, injury, or surgery
  • providing patient and caregiver education
  • increasing independence or managing a chronic, ongoing illness (such as heart disease, pulmonary disease, or kidney disease)


The Home Health option allows patients to recover from an illness in the comfort of their own home. The patient can remain independent, continue their daily routine, and recover with a low level of stress. We want patients and loved ones to be confident in the care they receive so we evaluate their homes during the initial assessment to ensure there are not any hazards.

Our Promise

  • Each care plan will be unique and specially tailored to fit a patient’s needs
  • We will provide a clear explanation of each part of the care plan
  • Physicians, nurses, therapists, and other members of the care team will work closely together and adjust care plans as necessary
  • We will place the emotional and physical well-being of the patient as our first priority
Who is eligible for home health?
Patients may be eligible if:
  • There is a physician’s order for skilled home health services
  • The patient is homebound