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Employee Spotlight: Sandra Ivette Carrasquillo Delgrado

As we celebrate the final day of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are shining a spotlight on one of our incredible nurses, Sandra Ivette Carrasquillo Delgrado! Sandra shared with us what Hispanic culture and being Hospice RN means to her. Thank you, Sandra, for sharing your story and for all you do!

Meet Sandra

My name is Sandra Ivette Carrasquillo Delgrado, I am from Puerto Rico – a commonwealth of the USA. I am a Latina, Registered Nurse, with a BSN. I am the first to graduate from college in my family and first to study in the wonderful medical field, known as nursing. It has been an honor to serve the community I reside in – Mobile, Alabama.

Hospice, as my final career nursing path, has been a rewarding experience. I love working alongside such a compassionate team at Springhill Home Health and Hospice. My goal is to educate the Latino community about Hospice and the services offered to the patients and families. Death and dying has been a taboo in the Hispanic culture. I want to bring my insights and teachings to others to help them understand how to make the transition easier. When I’m able to do this, it is a gratifying and heartwarming experience that I see as job well done. I thank Abode Healthcare – Springhill Home Health and Hospice – for the opportunity of bringing culture and expanding services to our community and allowing this nurse to be a part of this amazing community.

Thank you, Sandra

We are so thankful for each member of our team and to Sandra for sharing her thoughts on Hispanic Heritage Month. Each member of our team brings valued talents and skills. Of course, Sandra brings her own skills, as well. She has used skills from her Hispanic Heritage to help educate and communicate with our Hispanic patients and community. It has been a blessing for our team and community to have a nurse who gives insight about the Hispanic culture. Sandra’s bilingual abilities help the Hispanic community with education and understanding how to help care for their loved ones. We are so thankful for Sandra, our Hispanic staff, Hispanic community, and our entire team as we work together to help the people of our community. 

What Hispanic Heritage Means to Me

As the end of National Hispanic Heritage Month grows near, we are shining a spotlight on Director of Business Development, Nereida. We asked her what Hispanic heritage means to her. Thank you, Nereida, for sharing your story with us!

Nereida’s StoryHispanic/Latin/LatinX heritage and culture, to me, means family.

Hispanic/Latin/LatinX heritage and culture, to me, means family.

I was raised with a large, loving family. Food, music, and family created a sense of warmth, love, and good times. At the center of it all, our matriarch, my Abuela Juana. She moved to the United States from Puerto Rico in the 60’s. She was always in the service of others. From being a social worker to a home health aide, she was love, selflessness, and caregiving exemplified.

I became a nurse because of her. After her stroke, I experienced first-hand the weight of not having advance care planning in place. 9 children, 46 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren had to come together to make decisions on her behalf.

After a long illness, she needed hospice. Seeing how hospice allowed us to be family and experiencing that gift, I was drawn to hospice after 19 years of nursing.

My passion, drive, advocacy, and love for hospice is fueled by the love for and from my Abuela. I am honored to carry on her legacy in the service of others while assisting people and families at a pivotal moment in their lives.

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