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Photo of RN Sandra in blue scrub top, standing in front of beautiful greenery
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Employee Spotlight: Sandra Ivette Carrasquillo Delgrado

Employee Spotlight: Sandra Ivette Carrasquillo Delgrado As we celebrate the final day of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are shining a spotlight on one of our incredible nurses, Sandra Ivette Carrasquillo Delgrado! Sandra shared with us what Hispanic culture and being Hospice RN means to her. Thank you, Sandra, for sharing your story and for all you do! Meet Sandra My name is Sandra Ivette Carrasquillo Delgrado, I am from Puerto Rico – a commonwealth of the USA. I am a Latina, Registered Nurse, with a BSN. I am the first to graduate from college in my family and first…
Close up photo of Director of Business Development, Nereida, wearing a green shirt and glasses
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What Hispanic Heritage Means to Me

What Hispanic Heritage Means to Me As the end of National Hispanic Heritage Month grows near, we are shining a spotlight on Director of Business Development, Nereida. We asked her what Hispanic heritage means to her. Thank you, Nereida, for sharing your story with us! Nereida’s StoryHispanic/Latin/LatinX heritage and culture, to me, means family. Hispanic/Latin/LatinX heritage and culture, to me, means family. I was raised with a large, loving family. Food, music, and family created a sense of warmth, love, and good times. At the center of it all, our matriarch, my Abuela Juana. She moved to the United States…
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Bridging The Gap

Allow us to add another layer to the health care dynamic! Springhill Hospice’s psycho-social and spiritual team have always had a thoughtful and innovative delivery of care. Our approach is designed to meet the psycho-social needs of patients, families, and loved ones of those facing health challenges, especially during unconventional medial care protocols. We would like to highlight how these needs are met with our current or new patients, as well as offer these services to any other patient or family in need as part of our community outreach. Anticipatory Grief Support Complicated Grief Support Supplemental support for patient and…
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Celebrating Nurses | Natalie Smith

We are celebrating nurses this month! Meet Natalie Smith and learn why she has a passion for nursing. Springhill Home Health and Hospice nurse Natalie Smith shared stories of her nursing career and the successes and joys of her profession.Four years into her nursing career, Natalie joined the Springhill Home Health and Hospice team. Nine years later, she is still dedicated to the company’s mission of serving patients and their families through hospice. Natalie said being a hospice nurse means more than just taking care of the physical body of her patients. “Yes, we strive to provide as much physical…
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Volunteering with Hospice

Volunteers are an essential part of a hospice team, participating in roles from directly interacting with patients to helping with fundraising efforts. Hospice volunteers often describe their work as purposeful, validating, and meaningful. Hospice volunteers are at the heart of every hospice operation and are valued greatly. How Hospice Volunteers Serve Supporting Patients This is a huge part of what hospice volunteers do. These tasks can include: visiting with patients, reading, taking walks, helping communicate for patients, bringing in therapeutic items, or supervising therapeutic visits. This list is not all-encompassing, and volunteers can do so much more for the patients…